Persuisse Export Company

(A Minoo Industry Group Owned Company)

Introduction of Minoo Industrial Group

Minoo Industrial Group, which was established in 1959, is the largest and most well-known food industry brand in Iran and the Middle East, which currently operates in the following fields:

Production of food products including cheese puff, biscuit, cake, wafer, snack, chewing gum, candy, toffee, fruit juice, mineral water, canned food and other food products;

Production of date derivatives including tahini and syrup, date honey nectar, date liquid sugar, date syrup, date concentrate and date powder;

Production of pharmaceutical products including ampoules, tablets, medicinal syrup, ointments and supplements;

Production of cosmetic products such as shampoos and creams;

Distribution of the group’s products by 35 distribution centers throughout the country;

The subsidiary companies of Minoo Holding are as follows:

Minoo Industrial Company (Khorramdareh – Public Company)

Pars Minoo Industrial Company (Public Company)

Minoo Shargh Food Industry Company (Zahedan – Public Company)

Minoo Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Health Company (Private Joint Stock)

Shokopars Company (Public Company)

Minoo Fars Company (Public Company)

Ghasem Iran Company (Production and Distribution – Public Company)

Mino Caspian Food Industry Company (Private Joint Stock)

Ghand Fasa Company (Private Joint Stock)

Marian Agro-Industry Company (Private Joint Stock)

Robat Zagros Mineral Water Company (Khorramabad – Private Joint Stock Company)

Rahavard Sazandegi Azadegan Company (Private Joint Stock)

Persuisse Export Company (Private Joint Stock)

Pars Gostar Minoo Trading Company (Private Joint Stock)

Moein Azadegan Management and Financial Services Company (Private Joint Stock)

Pooshesh Gostar Minoo Company (Private Joint Stock)

Azadegan Economic and Self-Sufficiency Company

Minoo Printing and Packaging Industries (Private Joint Stock)

Minoo National Distribution Company

Peyvand Chain Stores Development Company (Private Joint Stock)

Introduction of Persuisse Export Company

Persuisse Export Company, as the export company of Minoo Industrial Group, was established in 1972 and since then has been responsible for exporting the products of Minoo Industrial Group. Persuisse Company’s export portfolio in the food industry field includes more than 800 items such as biscuit, cheese puff, cake, candy, etc.; in the pharmaceutical field up to 50 items and in the cosmetics field has more than 20 items. In addition, this industrial group with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, HACCP, OHSAS and HALAL standards is one of the most prestigious industrial production groups in the field of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health. At present, Persuisse exports this group’s products to different parts of the world including China, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Luxembourg, USA, Libya, Mali, Turkey, Canada, Tajikistan, Bahrain, Oman, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Syria, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, Germany, Uganda, United Kingdom and…

Percentage of Sales to the Target Market in 2021-2022

Europe 1%

Africa 4%

Arab Countries 6%

West Asia 25%

East Asia 2%

Central Asia 4%

South Asia 58%

Persuisse Export Company with a valuable history and significant potential in the field of export, by obtaining the necessary licenses and with the aim of expanding its activities to supply and export products of other manufacturers around the world has taken a big step to facilitate the export of Iranian producers.

Export Line of Non-Minoo Products of Persuisse Company Includes:

Non-Minoo Food Products

Detergent and Hygiene Products

Cellulose Products

Insecticide and Body Spray Products